Public speaking is one of life's greatest fears. It can make the pulse race, the hands tremble and the throat turns dry. It’s true, most people are not confident talking in front of a group.

Yet, today’s manager must be a proficient communicator, one-to-one AND often to a large audience. A superior ability to project ideas, inform and motivate groups is a key factor when one is being evaluated for promotion to a management position. So, what can you do to get that edge? How do YOU become an inspiring speaker, in control and at ease in front of an audience? Introducing:

Learn the secrets of one of Australia’s bestknown, most experienced public speakers — Brendan Walsh!

Entertaining and interactive, the course delivers proven techniques which you will apply in small and comfortable workshop groups.

What will be covered? The topics include....

  • You CAN become an effective public speaker
  • Communicating one-to-one... or to a large group
  • Preparing your talk
  • Banishing the jitters
  • Profiling your audience
  • Putting real power into your delivery
  • Building genuine listener interest
  • How to work the room
  • Using humour
  • The impromptu talk
  • ENJOYING public speaking!

...and much, much more! Click Here for more information.

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